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Resolving Tfs Servers and Projects


I poked around an noticed that in ConfigurationViewModel.cs PopulateTfsServerNamesList it runs a loop from version = 8 and increments from there. In my case, I had older versions of TFS Team Explorer settings in my registry that weren't used anymore. Because of that, it would pull the old projects I used to connect to from version = 8 but would not pull in the new projects from my TFS 2010 settings.
I was wondering...would it make more sense to attempt to read the settings from the newest version first? Also, instead of stopping as soon as at least one project is found, continue through the version settings to see if there are anymore. I suppose that would have difficulties itself because there could be duplicates from one version to another.
For my case right now, I changed the code to start at version 10, then it pulled the current settings for TFS 2010.
Just thinking as I type. ;-) What do you think?
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Resolved with changeset 61615.

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