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Time available seems way off


The Time Available has the <=, but the Ahead of Schedule does not. Our current sprint will end on Feb 16. That leaves 12 work days. We have 4 team members with the same entry in team-info.xml:
<team-member name="Gauthier, Paul"> <time-zone>Central Standard Time</time-zone> <workday> <start>07:00:00</start> <end>14:00:00</end> </workday> <lunch> <start>11:30:00</start> <end>12:30:00</end> </lunch> <avatar provider="" /> <display-alias>Paul</display-alias> </team-member>
The unassigned member has the same hours. This should give each team member 6 hrs per day - any outlook busy time to dedicate to the sprint. So, even if everyone had the whole 6 hours to use, I thought it would be something less than 12 work days * 4 team members * 6 hours per day = 288 hours. We show <= 449 and ahead of schedule by 268. I also noticed that if I reduce the work day by one hour in the team-member file, both the Time Available and the Ahead of Schedule By values go up 24 hours. I think it should change by 12. I have double check the sprint config file and the Sprint work item in TFS.
I'll keep looking. If no one else is having the trouble, it's likely something in our config files. Although I don't think the team-info.xml was changed at all and the sprint config was just updated to the current sprint. I'll let you know if I find anything more.
Thanks for your help and thanks again for a great tool.


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