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At a glance at the LCD monitor, you are be able to tell, among other things:
  • Latest build status (background of the screensaver);
  • Team sprint remaining workload;
  • Average time spent per backlog item;
  • Team sprint available time (bonus: excluding busy time in Outlook!);
  • Average time estimated per outstanding backlog item;
  • Team, and team member status (color-coded).
  • Single and dual monitor support.
This screensaver has given us at FARO SWE/UX a much deeper understanding of the health of the current sprint, taking the guesswork out of the picture. Sprint retrospective, review and planning meetings are automatically taken into account, as long as they are scheduled into the participant's Outlook calendar.

Click here to view the video.

Running the monitor for the first time
The TFS server name, and the locations for the sprint and team member configuration files need to be configured first, through the screensaver configuration functionality. You will need to customize the versions of SprintConfiguration.txt and team-info.xml included in the release for your specific case. Please refer to the Configuration page for more information.

To run this screensaver as a regular application, use the ClickOnce deployment. Please note that in doing so, you are accepting the license agreement assigned to this project.

Implementation details/extensibility
  • ALM server:
The monitor is currently built to interface with Team Foundation Server, but it should be fairly straightforward to implement a bridge to connect to another type of server. The project currently supports two process templates: VSTS Scrum TFS Project template and Conchango Scrum template. Adding support for your specific process template should take less than 2 minutes, using the extensibility support provided by MEF.
  • Add-Ins:
An extensibility model has been added to the monitor, allowing both add-ins and Prism modules to be added. The samples folder currently contains three extensibility samples, which you can easily modify to adapt to your needs:
- A simple file watcher that reads the number of system tests failed from the latest build;
- An RSS feed generator that publishes all changes to the sprint's backlog items in a friendly format;
- An add-in that takes screenshots of the dashboard every ten minutes into a folder.

To activate these extensions, just copy them to the output folder (for the test watcher) or to the AddIns folder under it (for the two addins).
  • Technologies used:
This software package was built using the following technologies/frameworks:
For more information on the development of the tool:
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Tip: The latest successful build of the trunk is always available at Team

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