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Making a library from SSM App

Dec 16, 2010 at 4:56 PM

i've have been poking around and i'm trying to create a library based on ScrumSprintMonitor.Wpf.Application and it's dependencies.
After cleaning all dependency and configuration problems, I have came up with this problem regarding UnityContainer. On the Bootstrapper extension method CreateContainer(), 

this.unityContainerAbstraction = UnityContainerAbstraction.EnsureContainerIsSetUp(unityContainer);

i'm getting a SynchronizationLockException, which is preventing the successful resolution of other entities further ahead in the code.
I've read about this on Google, but found nothing objective. Mostly, suggestions on how to overcome this problem consisted in configuring the exceptions of the debugger or extending UnityContainer.

I must say that the client application isn't implemented with IoC, and I'm leaving this to be done in my new library's entrypoint, where I instatiate the SSM bootstrapper.

Any hints on this ?

Thank you,