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Project List not populated

Aug 31, 2010 at 1:38 PM

We are a TFS 2010 installation using the default MSF for Agile v5.0 process template.

In trying to set up the configuration, I do not get a list of projects or Process Templates. 

The server list is populated and I can choose the server fine.

Any guidance is appreciated. 


Aug 31, 2010 at 3:10 PM

I pulled down the source code and as of build it is populating the project and process templates list.  I noticed too that the Server list is also showing the project collection.

When do you expect the next release to occur?

Sep 1, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Hi dmsmith,

Thank you for your interest in the tool. Glad to hear the latest version fixes the problem you were seeing. I expect to release a new version within the next week.